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Prompt Engineering Basics

You will learn how to articulate the concept and importance of prompt engineering, grasp best practices for crafting effective prompts, and explore real-world examples of impactful prompts. The course will guide you through practical techniques and strategies for writing high-quality prompts. Additionally, you will discover commonly used tools that can assist you in mastering prompt engineering.

Join us and elevate your prompt engineering capabilities to enhance the outcomes of your AI models.

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GenAI Prompt Engineering Online Course

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43 minutes

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Modul 1

Prompt engineering for Generative AI

What Is a Prompt

What Is Prompt Engineering

Best Practices for Prompt Creation

Common Prompt Engineering Tools

Modul 2

Prompt Engineering: Techniques and Approaches

Text-to-Text Prompt Techniques

Interview Pattern Approach

Chain-of-Thought Approach

Tree-of-Thought Approach

Modul 3


Text-to-Image Prompt Techniques