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Use AI for real-time object detection

AI has changed the way modern computer vision works. Get rid of out-dated unreliable solutions. Use AI. All you need is to take several pictures of your object and you are ready to go.

Outsource your labeling tasks

Our professional annotators will do the hard work for you.

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You can use our tool completely for free without registration.

Get High quality annotations

You will receive annotations in the industry standard format to train a state of the art object detector.

We train your model

This is the easiest way to get an AI model trained for your custom dataset.

How does the Image Labeling Service work

With Yololab Image Labeling Service, you bring your system to work in few steps:


AI object detection will significantly improve the performance of your production. What is your usecase? Formulate your requirments. How many different object categories do you want to detect? Should two similar objects be distinguished as two different ones or should they count as the same? You can define the number of categories and define your category names. Do you olny wish to outsource the labeling task or do you also want to receive a ready to use AI model.


If you already have an image dataset, pick your example images. Select your most challenging ones. That helps for good understanding of your requirments. If you still have to collect your dataset, remenber to take your images from different angles, with different backgrounds and with diferent light conditions. That helps to get a well-performing model. Use our free tool to draw rectangle bounding boxes around your objects. Export annotations as a .zip file in YOLO format. Send us everything via email and share your entire dataset you wish to process. You can choose any sharing method or you can bring your data on your hard drive.


Our professional annotators do the exhausting work for you. Annotators are continuously tested during labeling which results in the best quality of your annotations. You receive a fully processed dataset with high quality bounding box annotations ready for training.


We train a high-performant real-time YOLOv9 object detector for your custom use case. You can directly deploy this model in production.