AI based Video Inspection

Industrial Inspection

Revolutionizing industrial inspection, our AI inspection models harness the power of advanced technologies to analyze videos captured by industrial robots and high-performance enterprise drones. This cutting-edge approach not only enhances the precision and efficiency of inspections but also prioritizes worker safety by minimizing their exposure to potentially hazardous environments. The implementation of AI-driven inspection models ensures little to no downtime in operations, as the automated system can swiftly and continuously monitor the facilities. Moreover, this technology enables better maintenance planning by predicting potential issues before they escalate, thereby preventing unexpected breakdowns. We have trained AI models for detecting anomalies and defects. You can process full image sequence or full video. The tool visually marks anomalies in images and generates a list of timestamps and images with detected anomalies. The tool further provides you with automated report generating, comparison over time and map view. The result is a significant boost in overall operational efficiency, substantial cost savings, and a safer working environment, marking a transformative stride towards a more streamlined and secure industrial landscape.