Part feeding with AI

Pick and Place

In traditional factories, each conveyer belt is only used to transport only one work piece type. Part feeding is made manually. No sorting and categorizing present or it must be done manually.

In part feeding with AI, various parts fall onto a picking area which is monitored by a camera. An AI computer vision system detects and categorizes individual work pieces to be picked by a robot.

The solution also enables conveyor belts to transport various parts at the same time and to forward each part type individually into its next production stage. This saves 90% of costs by reducing the number of necessary conveyor belts.

Defect Detection

Defect Detection

Defect detection has been revolutionized by the integration of AI Computer Vision technology. These advanced systems use machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of visual data, allowing for real-time identification of defects in manufacturing processes. By harnessing the power of AI-driven Computer Vision, industries can achieve higher precision and efficiency in defect detection, ultimately improving product quality and minimizing production disruptions.


Verifying Packaging Standards

Streamline quality control with AI Computer Vision for Packaging Standards. Ensure every product meets industry specifications effortlessly. Increase efficiency and accuracy in packaging inspections. Elevate your quality assurance process with cutting-edge technology.


Inventory Management

Revolutionize your inventory management with AI Computer Vision. Gain real-time insights into stock levels and product conditions. Streamline restocking and reduce costly errors. Elevate your inventory control with the power of AI.