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Yololab is a consulting firm specializing in insurance claims settlement automation. We help insurers make their processes more efficient and cost-effective, improve customer satisfaction and reduce fraud. Automating claims settlement is a major trend in the insurance industry. By using intelligent software, insurers can make their processes more efficient and cost-effective, improve customer satisfaction and reduce fraud. The benefits of automated claims settlement are:

  • Increased efficiency: Automating routine processes can significantly reduce the processing time of claims.
  • Cost cutting: Automation can lead to significant cost savings.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customers benefit from faster and more straightforward processing of their claims.
  • Reducing Fraud: Intelligent software can identify cases of fraud using pattern recognition and data analysis.

We support you in developing a strategy, optimizing your processes, selecting the right software and implementing the new solution.

Our Services

  • Strategy consulting: We support you in developing a strategy for automating your claims settlement.
  • Process optimization: We analyze your existing processes and identify optimization potential.
  • Software selection: We will help you choose the right software for your needs.
  • Implementation support: We support you in implementing the new software and training your employees.
  • Outsourcing: We offer you the opportunity to outsource your claims settlement software development in whole or in part to us.

Reviewing PDF quotes and invoices with AI

Home Insurance

The claims handling process can quickly get very expensive and time-consuming, mainly from following reasons: 

  • 30+ minutes spent for reviewing offers and invoices
  • overwhelming number of claims
  • complicated manual price calculation
  • tedious typing of repetitive test reports
  • Inefficient fraud detection

Attempts at automation often don’t lead to successful results. Own backend programming may be too time-consuming and inefficient.

Thanks to recent advances in the AI, it is nowadays possible to set up a system that independently writes a standardized inspection report, describes deviations between the offer price and the estimated fair price and prepares an independent opinion for the expert to sign.

Car Damage Detection

Car Repair Price Estimation

Yololab Multi-Photo Damage Detector is an AI solution for a fully automated recognition of damaged car parts. The detector analyses a video taken by a phone while walking around the car and gives a list of all damaged parts.

Following parts can be detected: bumper (2x), headlight (2x), bonnet, fender (2x), mirror (2x), windscreen (2x), door (5x), pillar (6x), running board (2x), window (4x), wheel (4x), roof, quarter panel (2x), taillight (2x).

The detector was trained on a large dataset of damaged car parts. An important feature is the counting. One damage captured from various angles still counts as one damage. And if both headlights are broken, they are detected individually and both are included in the list.

Our tool calculates the price for replacement parts and it shows the parts’ delivery times, so that you can tell your customers how long they have to wait.