AI for Liquid Handling Systems

Pipetting status tracking

Our cutting-edge monitoring system for Liquid Handling and Pipette Robots comes equipped with AI Computer Vision, taking the traceability of your processes to unprecedented heights.

With the integration of AI Computer Vision, your Liquid Handling Systems, Pipette Robots, and Automated Sample Management Systems become more than just equipment. They become your trusted partners, ensuring that every experiment, every sample, and every result meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Two key features are:

  1. Real-time Pipetting Status Tracking
    With the integration of AI Computer Vision, you can now have an additional system for comprehensive pipetting status tracking. Monitor each step of the pipetting process in real time, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your experimental procedures.
  2. Production Quality Tracking
    Our AI Computer Vision system seamlessly stores pipetting status data, allowing for easy retrieval whenever proof of quality is required.

Experience the next level of laboratory automation with our AI-driven solutions. Trust us to elevate your research and experimentation to new horizons of precision and dependability.

Contact us today to learn more about how our AI Computer Vision can revolutionize your laboratory processes and elevate the quality and reliability of your research.